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    Senator Mark Leno

    California State Senator

    Letter of Recommendation Available Upon Request

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    Becky Hogue

    PSAC Member

    "Zack takes the time to listen to what the rest of the committee feels. He is passionate about the subject matter. He shows great leadership skills."

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    Bret Bocook

    CEO - World's Law, Inc.

    "In a nutshell: Zack is truly amazing.... He is brilliant, articulate, and kind. Any involvement you can have with Zack will enhance your life: I can assure anyone of that!

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    Max Anderson

    Councilmember - City of Berkeley

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    David Carpenter

    Professor - University of Albany

    "Zack has demonstrated real ability to communicate with a wide assortment of people in an effective fashion and has shown industry, responsibility and innovation in his work. He is an energetic and bright person who will be productive and effective in any position in which he is given responsibility."

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    Dr. Devra Davis

    Executive Director - Environmental Health Trust

    "For the past two years, I've been working with Zack Marks on a variety of projects. He is exceptionally bright, diligent, creative, and innovative. He knows the rapidly evolving world of social media and knows how to present complicated ideas in ways people can comprehend them. He single handedly (and against great odds) organized and conducted an important public symposium at his university on the issue of the right to know about cell phones. He's testified before public hearings and founded the California Brain Tumor Association. I've written about Zack in my new book. His family is an inspiration. Zack knows how to work within system constraints and how to change them. He is also a mensch. Please know that I recommend him most highly."

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    John Alex Lowell

    Disability Lay Minister


    (415) 533-7857


    "Zack Marks has an engaged leadership style in his new responsibility of leading as the Chairperson the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee of the City & County of San Francisco. That he has approached pedestrian safety in a proactive way reflects his blessed intention & methodology."

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    Lloyd Morgan

    Scientist - Environmental Health Trust

    "Zack is an extraordinarily capable young man who I have seen carry out several complex programs to completion without a hitch and each had a stellar result."

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    Robin Brasso

    Independent Education Management Professional

    "Zack is well organized, thoughtful, conscientious and very hard-working. After being appointed to the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee with only one year of service, he was voted in as Chair. That means he had the confidence of the entire committee. I believe this young man will do well at anything to which he sets his mind."

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    Toni Stein, Ph.D.

    Environmental Engineer


    (650) 823-7662

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    Yelena Kravtsova

    Department of Elections - City and County of San Francisco